Case Studies

Feasibility Study for a Metro Line Extension Project

Transport Insights was commissioned in late-2014 by the European Investment Bank (EIB) to support METROREX (Bucharest’s Metro Company) in undertaking a Feasibility Study for a proposed extension to the City’s metro network. The proposed scheme formed part of longer term plans for the metro network since the 1980’s, and more recently as a recommendation of Bucharest’s Urban Transport Masterplan (2007). The proposed investment comprised:

  • a 1.9 km extension to Line 4 from its current terminus, and development of two new stations; and
  • development of a multi-mode interchange and park and ride facility.

Transport Insights supported METROREX in the following aspects of the EC grant application:

  • demand forecasting, including advice on model development and use;
  • strategic study to assess the case for metro versus alternative investment scenarios along the overall Metro Line 4 corridor, and subsequently to assess a series medium-long term options to the extend the line to the south of the City;
  • cost benefit analysis (CBA), comprising economic and financial appraisal of the scheme; and
  • feasibility assessment, including demographic analysis of Bucharest City and surrounding County; analysis of current and forecast future transport demands and challenges along the corridor; and
  • an assessment of the investment rationale, benefits and feasibility of the scheme.

The scheme received an EU Cohesion Fund grant in June 2015, and construction of the line is presently underway, with an end-2016 planned completion date.

Public Transport Accessibility Review

Transport Insights was appointed in September 2016 by South Dublin County Council to undertake a review of public transport accessibility within South County Dublin. The evidence based review will be underpinned by detailed analysis of public transport networks and services, and will be shaped by public and business consultation activities.

Further information on this case study will be provided in the near future.

Strategic Infrastructure Development Advice

Transport Insights was commissioned by the Jack and Jill Foundation in September 2015 to provide advice, and to prepare a Transport Submission to An Bord Pleanála, in relation to the proposed strategic infrastructure development (SID) of a new national children’s hospital at the St. James’s Hospital Campus, Dublin 8.

Working alongside other members of the client team, Transport Insights:

  • undertook a comprehensive review of the site layout plans and EIS Traffic and Transport Chapter in support of the development proposal, and the proposed development’s transport strategy;
  • undertook on- and off-site parking survey data collection and analysis, and development traffic generation analysis; and
  • developed a parking accumulation and pricing model for the site and surrounding road network to assess the shortfall in on-site car parking provision, and the likely pricing regime required to manage patient / visitor parking demand.

Transport Insights’ project team subsequently represented the Jack and Jill Foundation at An Bord Pleanála Oral Hearing during December 2015.

Strategic Road Network Demand Management Advice

Transport Insights (in partnership with SYSTRA) was appointed in mid 2014 to advise Cork City and County Councils in relation to the National Roads Authority’s ongoing N40 / South Ring Road demand management study.

Further information on this case study will be provided in the near future.

Sustainable Transport Case for a Greenway Scheme

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Transport Insights was appointed by Waterways Ireland in late 2015 to provide analytical support for an INTERREG funding application to develop a new cross-border greenway scheme.

The scheme represented the first phase of the proposed Ulster Canal Greenway, and will connect Smithborough in Co. Monaghan to Middletown in Co. Armagh.

The demand analysis (supported by SYSTRA as sub-consultants) was summarised within a Sustainable Transport Case for the scheme, and accompanied the first stage of the funding application process.

Following shortlisting of the scheme, Transport Insights provided supplemental demand analysis inputs to the final stage of the funding application process. A decision on funding is currently pending.

Transport Assessment for a Retail Redevelopment

Transport Insights was commissioned in mid-2015 by Urban Pulse (Bayside) Limited to provide transport planning advice and to prepare a Transport Assessment in support of a major redevelopment of Bayside Shopping Centre in Dublin 13.

The mixed-use redevelopment of the site, comprised a near doubling of the commercial floor area, and included a retail food store, ancillary retail units, medical centre, gym, crèche, offices, restaurant, café, in addition to new residential dwellings.

Working as part of the Client’s planning and architectural team, Transport Insights assessed the traffic, transport and parking impacts of the development proposal in support of the planning application.

Planning permission for the development was granted in March 2016.

Transport Impact Assessment for a Bio-Pharmaceutical Development

Transport Insights was commissioned in early 2015 to complete an environmental impact assessment (EIA) transport chapter, develop a mobility management plan (MMP), and advise on junction access arrangements for a proposed bio-pharmaceutical development on Cruiserath Road, Dublin 15.

The assessment considered, and modelled the traffic impacts at:

  • two major roundabout junctions and the main site access junction, using industry standard ARCADY and PICADY software packages;
  • the cumulative impact of a possible further phase of on-site development, and two other major development proposals within the site’s vicinity.

The assessment demonstrated that the development proposals would not have an adverse impact on the operation of the local road network.

In addition to the impact assessment, Transport Insights developed a preliminary design layout for Cruiserath Road to accommodate access to the site.

The application was granted planning permission by Fingal County Council in May 2015, and the development is now operational.

Transport Statement and Travel Plan for School Redevelopment

Transport Insights was commissioned in December 2014 to prepare a Transport Statement for a split planning application to increase enrolment levels and co-locate a pre-school, at Scoil Lorcáin, Blackrock, Co. Dublin.

The Travel Plan’s development was guided by contemporary best practice, namely the NTA’s Toolkit for School Travel, and included:

  • a comprehensive survey of staff and student travel behaviours, and attitudes to a range of school related travel options;
  • comprehensive Action Plans for staff and students, each of which was developed through engagement with the school’s management; and
  • a Monitoring Strategy, which set out a clear process for ongoing review and update of the Plan.

The Transport Statement quantified the Travel Plan’s traffic and parking impacts, and demonstrated that the Travel Plan’s implementation would offset potential for greater car use associated with the proposed development.

Following a first party appeal to An Bord Pleanála (also supported by Transport Insights), full planning permission was granted in October 2015.

Travel Planning Support to National Behavioural Change Initiative

The NTA’s Smarter Travel Workplaces Programme, operated on behalf of the Department of Transport Tourism and Sport, successfully collaborates with large employers throughout Ireland to encourage more sustainable commuting and travel choices amongst staff and visitors to their premises.

In late-2013, the NTA sought to strengthen its Smarter Travel Workplaces team through specialist consultancy support. Transport Insights’ Sinead Flavin was subsequently appointed, and has since been located on-site on a part-time basis in NTA’s offices providing substantial relevant mobility planning, marketing and programme facilitation support.

Sinead’s comprehensive experience and understanding of Smart Travel Planning, particularly in the area of behavioural change from her former role in Transport for London’s Travel Planning Unit, allowed her to “hit the ground running”, working within the NTA’s Smarter Travel Team and ensuring successful, timely and cost effective programme delivery.