South Dublin Public Transport Accessibility Review

South Dublin Public Transport Accessibility Review

Client: South Dublin County Council
Duration: Sept 2016 – Feb 2017

Project Summary

Transport Insights, with Systra as sub-consultants, was commissioned by South Dublin County Council in September 2016 to undertake a public transport accessibility review of South Dublin County, one of four local authority areas in County Dublin.

Key tasks undertaken for this project included a detailed evidence base review of population and employment distribution within the County, analysis of public transport networks and services provision, public transport walking and transit time analysis, and origin and destination choices.

The identification of key challenges was supported by 400+ survey questionnaire responses from members of the public, and consultation with the business community within the County.

Added Value Brought to Project

Following identification of key transport accessibility challenges, Transport Insights identified and appraised options to address these challenges. The findings of this public transport accessibility review informed the National Transport Authority’s subsequently commissioned Dublin Area Bus Network Redesign project.