Martin Junction Upgrade

Martin Junction Upgrade

Client: Galway City Council
Duration: May – November 2019

Project Summary

Transport Insights was commissioned by Galway City Council in May 2019 to provide traffic modelling support and transport engineering design advice for the proposed upgrade of Martin Roundabout to a signalised junction at Ardaun, Galway. The project’s deliverables sought to support an application to the Urban Regeneration and Development Fund (URDF) to enable project delivery. The junction upgrade formed a key element of the Ardaun Local Area Plan (LAP) Phase 1 Infrastructural Works, by enabling sustainable transport access to Ardaun South prior to delivery of planned new housing.

Transport Insights developed a LinSig network model and Vissim microsimulation network model of Martin Roundabout and key adjacent junctions on the national and regional road network. The developed models were used to assess the impact of the proposed junction upgrade on the operation of the road network. The extent of development that could be accommodated in Ardaun South through upgrading this junction and prior to delivery of other transport schemes was also determined.

Added Value Brought to Project

The upgrade of Martin Roundabout unlocks the Ardaun LAP lands containing ca. 164 hectares to ultimately accommodate 3,485 – 4,640 residential units. The network modelling undertaken by Transport Insights’ determined the quantum of development in Ardaun South that could be realised by this junction upgrade. This ultimately supported the LAP’s sustainable delivery. The final output of the project was a Traffic and Transport Assessment (TTA) which supported a successful URDF application for delivery of Ardaun LAP Phase 1 Infrastructural Works delivery.