Parking Industry Regulatory Support

Parking Industry Regulatory Support

Client: National Transport Authority
Duration: 2019 – Ongoing

Project Summary

Transport Insights was commissioned by the National Transport Authority in October 2019 to provide regulatory support in relation to the clamping industry throughout Ireland. As part of the services agreement, Transport Insights’ has undertaken technical evaluations of signage within clamping places, enabling the Authority to determine their compliance status with respect to legislative requirements, namely the Vehicle Clamping Act 2015 and Vehicle Clamping and Signage Regulations 2017. Other services provided by Transport Insights have included:

  • Drafting of input to the Clamping Code of Practice for Parking Controllers & Clamping Operators (December 2019); and
  • Facilitation of a workshop, which was attended by key parking industry representatives.

Added Value Brought to Project

Transport Insights ongoing support has included the development of a signage compliance template, and application of that template to clamping places throughout Ireland which vary greatly in terms of size and type. Reports have set out the technical compliance status of evaluated clamping places, with an appropriate supporting evidence base. Recommendations have also been provided to assist the Authority in identifying actions needed to achieve regulatory compliance. Such support has assisted the Authority in its role as Regulator, and ultimately in ensuring a fair and consistent parking experience for motorists via improved compliance by the clamping industry.