Northwood Parking Feasibility Study

Northwood Parking Feasibility Study

Client: Techhus Limited
Duration: June 2017 to August 2019

Project Summary

Transport Insights was commissioned in June 2017 to undertake a parking feasibility study for a proposed development featuring 56 no. residential units, 670 sqm GFA of retail space and 575 sqm GFA of commercial space located in Santry, Dublin 9.

The proposed level of car parking provision represented a significant departure from the current Fingal Development Plan’s car parking standards. As a result, transport consultancy support was sought to assess the adequacy of the proposed development schedule.

Key activities included CSO Small Area Population Statistics (SAPS) GIS data analysis to determine car ownership within the local area, which was then used to determine likely car ownership characteristics of the residential component of the proposed development. Car parking demands generated by the commercial and retail components of the development was separately estimated. Following determination of overall car parking demand, recommendations were made to the Client in relation to the quantum of car parking to be provided on-site.

Added Value Brought to Project

The analysis and its outputs underpinned a planning application for the proposed development (which was granted planning permission by the local authority in June 2018), and also in a subsequent change of use planning application from retail to restaurant land use (granted permission in November 2019).