Mixed-Use Developments

Mixed-Use Developments

Client: IRES Fund Management Limited
Duration: May 2017 – Ongoing

Project Summary

Transport Insights was commissioned by IRES Fund Management Limited, via a series of commissions from May 2017 onwards, to provide transport consultancy support in relation to planning applications for mixed-use development proposals in Dublin City Centre, Sandyford and Tallaght.

Support has ranged from initial feasibility assessments, local authority pre-planning engagement, transport engineering design support, accessibility assessments, traffic and parking survey data collection, traffic and parking impact analysis, preparation of Traffic and Transport Assessments and development of Residential Travel Plans.

Added Value Brought to Project

Numerous applications involved additional phases to existing established development schemes, which sought to utilise, in-part or in-full, existing car parking facilities within basement car parks. Demonstrating that the additional parking demand generated by the proposed new developments would not give rise to a deficit in on-site car parking represented key a transport consideration in successfully securing planning permission.

To address planning risk, the commissions have generally required comprehensive car parking impact analysis, and in some instances such analysis has inputted into development traffic feasibility assessments undertaken by Transport Insights.

Transport Insights has provided transport engineering design support and developed an evidence-based case to the planning authorities to demonstrate that the developments will not materially impact on its receiving environment via overspill car parking or excessive traffic congestion.