Bucharest Metro Line 4 Extension Feasibility Studies

Bucharest Metro Line 4 Extension Feasibility Studies

Duration: Nov 2014 to Aug 2019

Project Summary

Transport Insights supported two feasibility studies to extend Bucharest Metro Line 4 (ML4) to the north (2014) and to the south (2017-2019) of City. Transport Insights undertook economic and financial appraisal of the proposed schemes, in addition to supporting demand modelling activities and liaising with the European Investment Bank/ JASPERS in relation to the analytical approach pursued and requirements of prospective co-financing applications.

Key activities included undertaking a pre-feasibility study to assess the case for metro versus alternative investment scenarios, comparative assessment of the economic and financial performance of different alignment options, detailed appraisal of the preferred alignment option, and producing a series of technical papers and reports throughout the projects.

ML4 extension to the north of the city (€199 million investment cost) opened in 2017, while a European Commission grant application in relation to the southern scheme’s delivery (€1.525 billion estimated investment cost), is due to be submitted in the next financial programming period (2021).

Added Value Brought to Project

Transport Insights’ analytical outputs underpinned the successful grant application for the metro extension to the north of the city, and selection of the preferred investment scenario for a new public transport corridor between Gara de Nord and Gara Progresul. The analytical approach pursued has been accepted by key stakeholders, with the northbound extension’s delivery co-financed by the European Commission.