National Smarter Travel Programme

National Smarter Travel Programme

Client: National Transport Authority
Duration: 2013 – Ongoing

Project Summary

Since late-2013 Transport Insights has provided support to the National Transport Authority’s Smarter Travel Workplaces & Campus team. Over the last seven years, various team members have been working in-house within the Authority on a part-/ full-time basis providing specialist mobility planning, marketing and programme facilitation support.

In their capacity as facilitators, Transport Insights’ team members have supported campuses and workplaces nationwide to address challenges such as an over-reliance on single occupancy car travel, and traffic/ parking congestion through the promotion of sustainable travel alternatives for employee and students to utilise on their commute. Services provided include the provision and management of travel surveys, GIS mapping, curriculum development and active health challenges (such as the annual Step and Cycle Challenges).

Added Value Brought to Project

Key aspects of support to the Smarter Travel programme include forming strong working relationships with partners and using this as a springboard for successful sustainable transport outcomes. Through their ongoing work, Transport Insights’ facilitators have played a key role in the management and success of active travel challenges and provided ongoing support to partners seeking to improve the sustainable travel culture within their organisations.