GIS Accessibility and Data Analysis

Transport planning/ development/ investment decision making is reliant on a robust evidence base. A wealth of data at a national level (census, national travel surveys and transport network/ service data from the National Transport Authority) can provide key input data upon which this analysis is based. Where appropriate, national data can be supplemented by bespoke data collection at a local level to gain a better understanding of transport network use and performance. This data collection could include staff/ resident travel surveys, public transport boarding and alighting surveys or car parking analysis.

Key components of this service include, as necessary:

  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS) including ArcGIS, QGIS and PostgreSQL / PostGIS
  • Multimodal accessibility analysis
  • Network and walkability analysis
  • Public transport wait time, walk time and in-transit analysis
  • Traffic and public transport modelling
  • Census data analysis – population, employment and customer catchment analysis
  • Data collection and analysis – traffic, parking and public transport surveys
  • Spreadsheet and database analysis.