Active Travel and Sustainable Transport Planning

Active travel relates to physical trip making, i.e. walking and cycling; whereas sustainable transport encompasses the use of public transport, car sharing and technology to reduce car use. Active travel and sustainable transport fall under the Smarter Travel initiative, a national behavioural change programme aimed at supporting people in choosing more sustainable options when travelling to schools, universities and workplaces. Transport Insights has been providing support to the National Transport authority in relation to the initiative’s ongoing delivery since 2013 (in partnership with Green Workplaces since 2016). The production of Framework Mobility Management Plans / Travel Plans is required to accompany a range of TTAs as well as being updated at various years throughout the lifecycle of the development.

Key components of this service include, as necessary:

  • Baseline survey data collection and analysis
  • On and off-site facility, infrastructure and accessibility audits
  • Parking analysis
  • GIS accessibility and data analysis
  • Establishing and co-ordinating travel plan working groups
  • International best practice behavioural change research and dissemination of findings
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Formulation, monitoring and review of effective and deliverable Action Plans through the role of Travel Plan Coordinator (TPC)