Jurek Gozdek

Jurek Gozdek

BA, BScEng

Jurek Gozdek is a Senior Consultant with Transport Insights. Having an interdisciplinary academic and professional background, Jurek’s professional interests include sustainable mobility, land use planning, data analysis and spatial data processing and evaluation.

Jurek became interested in transport planning during his undergraduate degree while studying transport engineering (specialty: road traffic control) at Warsaw University of Technology in Poland and completing a thesis in traffic calming and street pedestrianisation. Prior to taking up employment at Transport Insights, he supported an urban-policy-oriented NGO in his home city Olsztyn, Poland, leading various analytical works related to the evaluation of proposed transport infrastructure and public transport schemes. He also has 10 years’ experience in working as a translator, editor, and IT journalist.

Since joining Transport Insights in 2017, Jurek’s key experience has involved undertaking and managing a varied range of projects, including:

  • Data analysis – QGIS, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, OpenTripPlanner, and Python
  • Multimodal accessibility evaluation
  • Trip generation and parking demand forecasting and traffic impact modelling – LinSig, Arcady, Picady, and spreadsheet models
  • Traffic and transport engineering design
  • Traffic and transport assessments
  • Transport feasibility studies
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis, comprising economic and financial appraisal
  • Regulatory analysis and interpretation.