Bus Tendering Factsheet

Bus Tendering Factsheet

Transport Insights has produced a factsheet to provide bus operators with the information presently available on the upcoming tendering of Public Service Obligation (PSO) bus routes by the National Transport Authority (NTA), in one concise document.

In addition to bringing together the information presently in the public domain, Transport Insights has drawn on its experience in the field of bus service procurement and planning, to address some of the gaps still present in the information provided by the NTA.

The document provides an overview of the extent of NTA’s competitive tendering proposals, an outline of the possible forms that the procurement process and contract structure may take, along with some background on past procurement activity by the NTA. In particular, Transport Insights offers advice on engaging in the tendering process and emphasises the importance of preparatory bid development work, in light of the expected emphasis on quality as well as price in the evaluation of tenders.

For those operators not yet present in the Irish market, and who may not be familiar with its structure, this document also gives a concise introduction to the bus services market in the Republic of Ireland.

The factsheet can be found here.