Traffic and Transport Modelling

Traffic and transport modelling can be used to assess the traffic impacts of a specific development proposal or the impact of a public transport intervention. The outputs aim to advise on the specification/design of a road or public transport improvement scheme or to underpin a scheme’s economic and financial appraisal. Appropriate traffic modelling software packages, including the following junction, microsimulation and network modelling packages as used, as appropriate:

  • ARCADY & PICADY isolated roundabout & priority junction modelling to predict capacities, queues, delays and accidents
  • LinSig & TRANSYT – macroscopic design and assessment tool for various signalised junctions and intersections
  • PTV VISSIM – microscopic multi-modal traffic flow simulation network software
  • SATURN – strategic traffic simulation and assignment modelling software for regional impacts
  • Bespoke spreadsheet-based demand forecasting and appraisal