Travel Planning Support to National Behavioural Change Initiative

The NTA’s Smarter Travel Workplaces Programme, operated on behalf of the Department of Transport Tourism and Sport, successfully collaborates with large employers throughout Ireland to encourage more sustainable commuting and travel choices amongst staff and visitors to their premises.

In late-2013, the NTA sought to strengthen its Smarter Travel Workplaces team through specialist consultancy support. Transport Insights’ Sinead Flavin was subsequently appointed, and has since been located on-site on a part-time basis in NTA’s offices providing substantial relevant mobility planning, marketing and programme facilitation support.

Sinead’s comprehensive experience and understanding of Smart Travel Planning, particularly in the area of behavioural change from her former role in Transport for London’s Travel Planning Unit, allowed her to “hit the ground running”, working within the NTA’s Smarter Travel Team and ensuring successful, timely and cost effective programme delivery.