Feasibility Study for a Metro Line Extension Project

Transport Insights was commissioned in late-2014 by the European Investment Bank (EIB) to support METROREX (Bucharest’s Metro Company) in undertaking a Feasibility Study for a proposed extension to the City’s metro network. The proposed scheme formed part of longer term plans for the metro network since the 1980’s, and more recently as a recommendation of Bucharest’s Urban Transport Masterplan (2007). The proposed investment comprised:

  • a 1.9 km extension to Line 4 from its current terminus, and development of two new stations; and
  • development of a multi-mode interchange and park and ride facility.

Transport Insights supported METROREX in the following aspects of the EC grant application:

  • demand forecasting, including advice on model development and use;
  • strategic study to assess the case for metro versus alternative investment scenarios along the overall Metro Line 4 corridor, and subsequently to assess a series medium-long term options to the extend the line to the south of the City;
  • cost benefit analysis (CBA), comprising economic and financial appraisal of the scheme; and
  • feasibility assessment, including demographic analysis of Bucharest City and surrounding County; analysis of current and forecast future transport demands and challenges along the corridor; and
  • an assessment of the investment rationale, benefits and feasibility of the scheme.

The scheme received an EU Cohesion Fund grant in June 2015, and construction of the line is presently underway, with an end-2016 planned completion date.