Rachel Ivers, Principal Consultant

Rachel Ivers, Principal Consultant

Rachel Ivers

BSc, MSc, MIPI, CMILT, Cert. Construction Project Management

Rachel is a Principal Consultant with Transport Insights. Rachel’s skills lie in having a wide range of knowledge obtained through her spatial planning and transport engineering backgrounds to achieve a holistic and considered approach to transport related projects.

While grading in her MSc in Transport Infrastructure and Logistics from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, Rachel spent seven months working as an intern in Arup, Amsterdam. Upon returning to Ireland in 2015 Rachel started working as a Transport Planner with Arup, Dublin. Rachel then joined Curtins as Senior Transport Planner in 2018 leading the transport planning business from their recently established Dublin office.

Rachel joined Transport Insights in 2020, and her 5+ years’ experience to date includes:

  • Active and sustainable travel planning and management
  • Car and bicycle parking analysis
  • Traffic and transport assessments
  • Public realm improvements
  • Research and policy analysis
  • Traffic engineering design and management
  • Stakeholder engagement.