Garret Murphy, Principal Consultant

Garret Murphy, Principal Consultant

BE Civil

Garret is a Principal Consultant with Transport Insights. Garret’s skills lie in having obtained a diverse range of experience which can be applied across several different areas including mobility management, transport planning and construction management.

Garret graduated from University College Dublin with an honours degree in Civil Engineering in 2010, and thereafter he moved to Australia where he worked on-site as a civil engineer in both Western Australia and Queensland from 2011 to 2013.

After returning to Ireland he began working with Transport Insights in September 2015. Since January 2017 Garret has been on part-time secondment with the National Transport Authority’s Smarter Travel team, where he supports organisations (such as third-level education institutes and workplaces) in promoting sustainable transport nationwide.

While working within Transport Insights, Garret has worked with a number of private and public sector clients, providing support to a diverse portfolio of projects. During his 4+ years with Transport Insights his key work experience includes:

  • Active and sustainable travel planning and management
  • Behavioural change and mobility management
  • Regulatory analysis and interpretation
  • Feasibility studies
  • Data analysis
  • Parking analysis
  • Traffic engineering design and management
  • Construction traffic management planning
  • Quality audits
  • Traffic and transport assessments.