Gabriela Iha

Gabriela Iha

Gabriela Iha cover photo

BE Civil, MSc

Gabriela is a Consultant with Transport Insights. Gabriela’s skills lie in transport data analysis, traffic engineering and CAD design obtained through her civil engineering background and work experience.

Gabriela spent 1.5 years working as an intern in Figueiredo Ferraz Consulting and Project Engineering, Brazil during her bachelor studies in civil engineering. After completing her studies, she worked for the same consultancy as a temporary assistant engineer. She obtained a MSc in Sustainable Transport and Mobility from Technological University Dublin.

Gabriela came to Ireland in 2017, then joined Transport Insights as an intern in 2018 where she is now working as a Consultant. Her 4+ years’ experience in transport planning to date includes:

  • Traffic and transport feasibility studies
  • Traffic engineering design
  • Traffic and transport assessments
  • Parking assessments and impact analysis
  • Construction traffic management planning
  • Quality audit
  • Mobility management planning
  • Clamping signage compliance evaluation