Cillian O’Reilly, Principal Consultant

Cillian O’Reilly, Principal Consultant

Cillian O'Reilly


Cillian is a Principal Consultant with Transport Insights. Cillian’s skills lie in his extensive experience obtained from leading in a diverse range of appointments including transport planning, public interaction / exhibitions, transport design support and project management.

Cillian graduated from University College Dublin in 2009 with an honours BA degree in Geography, Planning and Environmental Policy. Following on from this he obtained a MSc in Transport and Planning from Cardiff University. Cillian went on to spend two years in Australia, including time working within a Melbourne-based consultancy.

After returning from Australia, Cillian moved to England in 2015 where he worked as a transport planning consultant. In 2018, Cillian joined UK based Mode Transport Planning as a Senior Transport Planner, and spent the subsequent two years working in the UK prior to joining Transport Insights in 2020. His key experience includes:

  • Active and sustainable travel planning and management
  • Traffic and transport assessments
  • Various transport reports (e.g. DSP, CTMP, CLP, TN etc.)
  • Client relationship management
  • Stakeholder and public engagement
  • Parking capacity audits
  • Data analysis
  • Traffic engineering design and management
  • Traffic modelling