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Tel: +353 1 685 2279 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


shutterstock 71481451Transport Insights has recently been commissioned by the Coach Tourism and Transport Council of Ireland (CTTC) in responding to the National Transport Authority's (NTA's) competitive tendering proposals for the Irish bus market. Transport Insights canvassed CTTC members' views, and reviewed the NTA approach and economic evidence base underpinning NTA's proposals for bus markets in Dublin, and elsewhere in Ireland. We also undertook high-level operating cost analysis, comparing state and private operator costs to ascertain likely subvention savings arising from a move to competitive tendering in both bus markets.

'Transport Insights' work is summarised in a report to the National Transport Authority, on behalf of CTTC, now published at:- [Click here to view full report].

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Sinead Flavin, Transport Insights Project Manager

Sinead Flavin has recently been engaged by the National Transport Authority (NTA) to provide support to their Smarter Travel Workplaces programme.

Speaking on the appointment, Transport Insights' Managing Director, Ciaran McKeon commented "building on behavioral change and sustainable transport expertise within Transport Insights core team, we are delighted to have been appointed by NTA to support them in this crucial area of work."




The past

pic1Remember the good old days?  The days of economic growth and jobs for all?  The time when a peak hour journey on Dublin’s M50 motorway filled the region’s commuters with dread and horror?  Dublin Transportation Office’s (DTO) annual Road User Monitoring Reports provide tangible evidence of the experiences of commuters in the time preceding the M50 Upgrade scheme, completed three years ago this September.  For example, average 2004 morning peak journey times on the M50 between Malahide Road/ N32 and the Ballinteer Road junction of 43 minutes[1] were recorded, with poor journey time reliability, in particular in the PM peak, a further undesirable side effect of too many people using too little space.  More recent data[2] from late 2006/ early 2007 show comparable journey times of 67 minutes, although the timing of these surveys likely coincided with M50 Upgrade construction works.